Every person must have an ethical standard, whether it is consciously chosen or not. When I first opened Autobahn in 2002, a customer gave me a copy of the Watchmaker's Code of Ethics. He said that if I follow them, I will always run an honest business and keep a higher standard than my competition.

I modified the Watchmaker's Code of Ethics to suit the industry...We continue to follow it with every job we do.



I will not knowingly mislead, deceive, or defraud my customers in any way.

I will not advertise products or services in any manner that is untruthful or misleading.

I will not knowingly represent to my customers that certain parts are required for a repair or service which are actually unnecessary in the repair to be performed.

I agree that it is unethical to perform any unworkmanlike or unskilled automotive repairs.

I agree to conduct my business in a such a manner as will reflect credit to myself, my fellow professionals, and the entire automotive industry.

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