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Nobody understands your Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz, MINI Cooper, Porsche, Volkswagen, and Volvo better than the European automotive specialists at Autobahn Automotive in Lakewood, NJ. These are the only makes we service. We take pride in providing New Jersey with an independent Audi specialist, BMW specialist, Mercedes Benz specialist, MINI Cooper specialist, Porsche specialist, Volkswagen specialist, and Volvo specialist. Autobahn employs factory-trained and ASE Certified technicians with decades of combined experience, giving you the highest level of confidence in the quality of our diagnosis, repair and maintenance recommendations.

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We stay up-to-date in the automotive industry so that we can answer any question or address any issue you may have.

The list of repair and maintenance for your German-engineered car is nearly endless. Our team of professionals work tirelessly to provide each and every client with an unbeatable service and/or repair when you need it the most. If the service you need is not listed, please give us a call! We're sure we are able to complete the service, maintenance and/or repair your car needs.

Our Services

Oil Service

This is where we excel. Our oil services exceed the industry standard. The oil we use is manufacturer specification specific and we use only German made oil filters. The non-German made filters tend to implode and restrict oil pressure which is not good.

Unlike the dealerships that have their entry level technicians perform the service, our A level technicians are performing the task and they thoroughly check over your vehicle for potential issues. With every service, we top off your fluids, set your tire pressure, lubricate the hood and door hinges, and so much more. We do a health check and test the drivetrain system for stored codes and also reset that pesky dash reminder too.

Our service standard is the best in the industry.

Tire Rotation

Periodic tire rotation is an integral part of tire maintenance as it ensures even wear on all four of the vehicle's tires. The Autobahn team will determine the proper rotation pattern for your vehicle's tires and diagnose any underlying causes of uneven wear. There are numerous causes of uneven wear, and the team here can readily diagnose wear-related issues and causes.

Our policy is to always check the brake system, check tire inflation pressures and have them adjusted accordingly, and to torque your wheels to factory spec.

Battery Replacement

At the heart of your vehicle is the car battery. For battery replacements, we procure and install original batteries from the dealership, and (BMW/MINI specific) register the battery to the vehicle. Registering your battery is very important and if not done properly, it will shorten your new battery's lifespan and make certain accessories non-functional. For older cars, we do stock Interstate batteries in-house.

Our technicians are proficient at diagnosing and repairing starting and charging systems. Schedule an appointment to have your car battery tested or replaced so it doesn't leave you stranded when you need it the most.


While there are many kinds of diagnosis, we can handle them all. From a no-start to a check engine light, we have you covered. We pride ourselves on keeping up to date with the technology and specialized tools necessary to complete any service or repair your European vehicle needs. We are one of the very few independent repair facilities in the area that have the Autologic diagnosis system for all the car lines we specialize in which allows us to do the things that only the dealership can do such as key coding, software updates, SCN coding, and everything that you were told that only a dealership can do.

We also have the VSP NASTF LSID to be able to buy and install theft deterrent and factory coded parts and we are J2534 compliant with the Drew Technologies Cardaq Plus- 2 device.

Basically, we have the ability to do what most independent repair shops cannot and we are a great alternative to the dealership.

Suspension & Steering

The steering and suspension system is one of the most important in your car. They are not only important for safety reasons but also to enhance the comfort of your car's ride. These systems help your car drive smoothly and precisely. The two systems are directly related to each other, which is why they are often referred to together.

We are proficient in diagnosing, repairing, or replacing both systems. If you ever suspect an issue is at work (your steering wheel pulls, your car drifts, or you have trouble controlling speed or direction), you'll want to get it checked out as soon as possible, before it becomes a dangerous (and expensive) problem.

Timing Belts & Chains

Your fine European automobile is equipped with timing belt or a chain to ensure exact, mechanical engine timing. Though quite durable, There are no guarantees to longevity. Time, temperature, and use will degrade these essential parts. Their replacement intervals vary between 60,000 miles and 105,000 miles.

We are fluent with all the tools needed to replace it properly, and have them on hand. To find out your replacement interval, or if your model and year uses a belt or chain, please contact one of our Certified Technicians.

Brake Systems

This is one of the most important systems of your car because... It stops the car. If it isn't working properly your stopping distance can be severely affected.

European braking-systems run from simple, fixed or floating calipers to multiple piston calipers with drilled and slotted brake discs. We have the experience and equipment needed for the most complex braking systems.

We also have the training and equipment to service electronic parking brake systems, the Mercedes Sensotronic Braking System and Active Braking Assist. We offer a free brake system inspection that takes about 30 minutes.

Fluid Flushes

Regular checks and occasional flushing of systems play an important role in keeping your engine running well. Your manufacturer recommends flushing certain fluids every few years. We have the equipment to do that and we use only the approved fluids. For example, all the antifreeze/coolant we buy is directly from the dealerships.

We don't believe in using a "universal" antifreeze. These can be detrimental to your vehicle in the long run. By exchanging your fluids at the recommended time, you are prolonging the life of the components that they are lubricating.

Wheels & Tires

Did you hit a pothole and bend an expensive aluminum wheel? It is worth the time to see if the damage is repairable. We have the ability to straighten it and make it look brand new again, all for a fraction of the cost of a new wheel.

Do you need tires? We are a Michelin, Continental, and Hankook dealer. All the tires we sell meet the specification of your European automobile.

We are also able to replace and program the tire pressure monitors of your car. (These monitors typically have a battery life of seven years.)

Wheel Alignment

We have one of the best wheel alignment systems. All of our wheel alignments are done the proper way to keep your steering wheel straight and your tires wearing normally.

To keep it simple, a tire alignment refers to the adjustment of your car's suspension. The suspension system is what connects to the steering wheel, so if the suspension is not straight, you may feel pulling or veering off to the side of the road when your steering wheel is being held straight.

Although you may think that a tire alignment is an adjustment of the tires and wheels, it is not; it is simply an adjustment to the suspension of the vehicle, which adjusts the angles of each wheel and tire.

Electrical Repair

The technology in vehicles is constantly advancing. For years European vehicles have been at the front of this advance. Electrical systems have grown more complex as vehicles have become more technical.

Proficient in understanding electrical systems, we perform electrical work on classic and brand new vehicles alike, and we are continually educating ourselves.

The Autobahn Automotive team can handle all kinds of electrical repairs and diagnoses for your European automobile. We excel in being able to repair rather than replace expensive computers or processors.

Walnut Blasting

This is one of the most overlooked and most needed "tune ups" for Direct Injection engines. Fuel injectors no longer spray fuel on the intake valve, leaving dirt, oil, and other gunk free to accumulate. Also, by not redesigning the PCV system, the unburned oil vapor in the intake manifold builds up carbon on the intake valves. BMW's answer to the issue was to remove the intake manifold and media blast the intake valves with walnut shells. Normally by 50,000 miles, a direct injected engine needs to have this service done. That includes most turbocharged German automobiles 2006 to present. We can advise you if your engine falls into this category.

We use the factory BMW media blaster tool. The aftermarket, store bought ones do not work at the proper pressure and can make a complete mess of this job. The apparatus we use is a clean, reliable tool that is found in all BMW dealerships.

Chemical Decarbonizing

This applies to all engines, including diesel. We have four types of Run-Rite chemical decarbonizing solutions. Each one is specifically geared to a different type of engine. After 20,000 miles, carbon begins to build in the intake tract and with the newer plastic intake manifolds, a lot of care in cleaning the carbon has to be done. It is very common on Mercedes Benz M272 engines to have the very expensive intake manifolds break internally due to carbon buildup on the flaps that change the runner lengths. By performing a Run-Rite chemical decarbonizing, we can prevent carbon buildup from damaging the plastic flaps.

On diesel engines, the intakes can completely clog causing a great loss of performance. By performing a chemical decarbonization, we can prevent costly repairs or replacement of expensive components.


Whether you need a routine service, or if you were told that your entire transmission needs replacement, let us take a look at it. There have been numerous instances where a customer has come to us with an estimate from the dealership that exceeded the blue book value of the car to replace the transmission and our diagnosis found that it was a replaceable component that was a few hundred dollars to repair.

At Autobahn, we take pride in knowing the theory of operation and can accurately pinpoint the exact issue rather than replace the entire component.

Run-Rite Oil Flushes

When this became available to our industry, I was originally skeptical. After testing out the Run-Rite oil flush system on an engine that was heavily sludged due to lack of maintenance, I was astonished at the results. This is the best oil flushing system on the market and it is not ridiculously priced, so we can offer it to our customers that may have skipped their regular service.

Some of the variable valve timing uses oil passages that are the size of a pin hole. By keeping the oil clean and sludge free, we can keep your engine running for hundreds of thousands of miles.