MINI Repair Service

MINI Cooper Repair Service

MINI has taken off in the United States. Originally a British-manufactured automobile and the most popular automobile sold in Great Britain, BMW bought MINI from the Rover Group, it’s third British owner, in 2000. The first MINI was introduced to the American market in 2002. The Cooper remains the most popular model in the U.S., and the company has established itself in the States as MINI USA. Autobahn Automotive is your one-stop-MINI-shop for service and repair. For the best MINI repair in Sea Girt and the surrounding area, come by Autobahn Automotive today.

MINI Factory-Scheduled Maintenance

The best way to keep your MINI cruising along is preventative maintenance. Factory-scheduled service visits give us the opportunity to replace old parts with new ones to keep your MINI running as if it were brand new. Bring your MINI into us for the 30,000-mile checkups, i.e. at the 30,000, 60,000, 90,000, 120,000 milestones, and so on. Don’t forget other crucial services, such as

  • AC charge
  • Brake inspection
  • Fuel injector cleaning
  • Oil changes
  • Power steering check
  • Suspension service
  • Timing belt/chain inspection
  • Tire rotation/wheel balance
  • Transmission flush and fill

These are just some of the services necessary to keep your MINI in the best shape possible. The better you take care of your MINI the longer it will last. Factory-scheduled maintenance also costs less. It prevents expensive repairs and saves you money at the gas pump. Vehicle systems that run efficiently prevent the engine from working too hard, which boosts your MINI’s fuel economy.

MINI Repair Sea Girt, NJ

This does not mean you’ll never have to have your MINI repaired. You will, especially as the miles add up on the odometer. Autobahn Automotive can repair your MINI, too. We employ factory-trained technicians that know MINIs like the backs of their hands. MINIs are known to have some common problems, all of which we can fix.

They are

  • Electric power steering pump failure
  • Front radiator plastic support damage
  • Timing chain rattle while idling
  • Variable valve timing performance issues
  • Water pump/thermostat housing leaks

MINI Repair Near Me

Don’t rush to the auto dealer and trade in your MINI for another make and model. These are safe and reliable cars. We can fix any problem. We use our experience as ASE-certified automotive technicians along with diagnostic tools to find and fix MINI problems, so let Autobahn Automotive be your MINI service shop.


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