Porsche Repair Service

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Porsches are just plain cool; there’s no way around it. Most people dream of driving a Porsche at least once in their lives, and if your dream came true, you don’t need to look any further than Autobahn Automotive for your Porsche repair in Sea Girt. Ferdinand Porsche found this German automobile manufacturing company in 1931, and it has constantly pushed the envelope in sports car development. 

Porsche Repair in Sea Girt, NJ

You have our guarantee that only the best Porsche technicians in New Jersey will lay their hands on your baby. We have years of experience in servicing and repairing Porsche automobiles, and we rely on that experience, as well as our factory training, to diagnose and repair any problem your Porsche throws at us. We aren’t afraid of anything; we can fix your Porsche when it needs it.

There are some common Porsche issues that we have vast experience in. These problems rear their ugly heads in many Porsche models and they are:

  • Resealing the cooling distribution pipe on the Cayenne or Panamera
  • Fixing the Boxster 986 cooling expansion tanks
  • Stopping excess engine exhaust in the 911 or Boxster
  • Repairing the IMS bearing on the 986, 996, or 997
  • Ensuring the timing chain does not cause catastrophic damage
  • Replacing the ABS module to turn off the faulty warning
  • Replacing worn CV joints and grease boots
  • Replacing worn transmission synchro units

These are common problems from which many Porsche automobiles suffer. When you combine our experience in fixing these specific issues, our overall years of experience working on Porsches, our factory training, and our ASE certification – our owner is master certified – you needn’t look any further than our shop for your Porsche repair in Sea Girt.

Porsche Service & Maintenance

What if you didn’t have to face common Porsche repairs, however? What if your Porsche ran as if it were brand new all the time? This isn’t hard to imagine if you are faithful about your Porsche factory-scheduled maintenance. These automobiles may look invincible, but they aren’t, which is why we service Porsches to ensure they are always efficient, reliable, and safe.

Our Porsche maintenance in Sea Girt, NJ, not only follows the factory-scheduled services recommended by Porsche, but we also talk with you about your car, specifically. We also base your maintenance needs on the age of your Porsche and how many miles it has on it, as well as your driving and commuting practices. This gives your Porsche the best service possible, keeping it out of our shop for repairs.

Porsche Repair Near Me

Autobahn Automotive is the best Porsche service shop in Sea Girt, NJ, hands down. Give us a call to schedule a service appointment for your luxurious sports car.


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