How to Drive the Autobahn

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If you bring your vehicle into Autobahn Automotive for maintenance and repairs, chances you have “drive the  Autobahn” on your bucket list. We don’t blame you. Few things are more exhilarating than punching the pedal to the metal to see what your German automobile is made of. Seriously, though, it is more dangerous than it might seem, so pay attention to the rules.

Pay Attention to Speed Limits

You might think the Autobahn is a free-for-all from start to finish but it isn’t. Near major cities, such as Berlin, Frankfurt and Munich, the Autobahn has speed limits and drivers are expected to honor them. After you hit the onramp and merge safely into traffic, keep an eye out for speed limit signs and learn your metric system prior to your overseas trip. On average, when speed is regulated on the Autobahn, the speed limit is anywhere from 80 k/ph to 130 k/ph, which translates into 50 mph to 80 mph.

Once you’re out of traffic and heavily-populated areas, you’ll notice the Autobahn picks up its pace. Here, a “dynamic speed limit” is enforced. This means that the speed limit will change depending on traffic, weather, and road conditions among other considerations. You will see electronic speed limit signs that display the dynamic speed limit. The limit will be higher than in congested areas but it is also still enforced, so don’t go crazy just yet. Wait until you reach the no-speed-limit portions of the Autobahn to really rev things up.

Traffic Regulations

The Autobahn does have laws and regulations. You cannot use the Autobahn if you are on a bicycle or moped nor are you allowed to walk, jog or run on the Autobahn. You cannot back up, park, stop or pull a u-turn on the highway. You are only allowed to pass on the left and you shouldn’t enter or exit the Autobahn except via the designated interchanges. Only pull over to the shoulder if your vehicle is breaking down; do not stop to text or talk on the phone. Don’t run out of fuel – period. If you are stuck in traffic, pull either to right or left to allow a center lane for emergency vehicles. And that is how to drive the Autobahn.

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